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Hello all, anyone loves music in here? I have liked music ever since I was a very young kid, and I am still creazy about songs. I even tried to be  in a band because of my enthusiasms. Even though I had natural capabilities, I could never become a professional musicians until this day.

People who wants to become professional artists, have no other options but to work hard everyday with their music. If a good musician ever tells you that he or she never rehearses, you know that it a lie. Most artists who are fanous nowadays, practice everyday or have used to practice 8-10 huors before they became well-known. That is why it is important that artists start at an early age.

At Music Works Magic, the point of view is that children should use the most important instrument that they have, which is their voice, first. Our ability to recognize musical notes is developed at a very early age. Many great artists sing along with their instruments and even before they had an expensive instument.



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